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Whenever you get your feet on a skateboard, you must accept the fact that falling is inevitable, even for professional skaters. Skateboarding injuries are typically not serious with just some bruises, scratches, cuts, etc; however, there are some times when traumatic head injuries get in. 


When it comes to your head, the most vulnerable part of your body, you are more prone to fatal injuries that can lead to death. Then, proper head protection with a qualified skateboard is now necessary. 



Though the chance of getting severe damages to your head is not high, you should not take that risk because when it happens, bad consequences will follow. With a good helmet verified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, your safety while skateboarding will be ensured. 


In today’s post, let’s see how you can choose a good skateboard helmet from thousands of products on the market. The buying guide provided in this article is what I learned from experienced skaters at SkateAdvisors so you may want to check out that website, too, to get more in-depth information. 




There are two types of skateboard helmets: the EPS and the Polypropylene. These types are named after the material used in manufacturing skateboard helmets. The Polypropylene type is made of polypropylene which comes as an effectively pre-expanded material but it can not withstand as much impact as an EPS does. 



For this reason, EPS skateboard helmets are more common on the market. Manufacturers use EPS which is the conjunction between foam and PVC to provide a product that can take normal impact several times. For a very hard impact, both EPS and Polypropylene helmets can only take one.




The key features of a typical skateboard helmet include the shell, straps, buckle, and interior padding. The exterior cover is perhaps the most important part which protects the user's head from external forces. How well the shell absorbs impact depends critically on the material and its density. 


However, the shell only is not enough as a helmet ought to have interior padding so that it can fit nicely on the rider's head and reduce the impact. One more important role of the padding is to keep the helmet in place and give riders a comfortable feeling. 


Next are the straps and buckle which is crucial in keeping the helmet in place. Skateboard helmets are commonly available with adjustable straps using traditional sliders. These straps need to be durable and can affix tightly to your helmet and the buckle. 


The straps can not solely hold the helmet without the help of a buckle. A tough polymer is so popular in producing buckles for any type of helmet. As you need to open and close your buckle frequently, I suggest you should pick a durable one and should be easy to open or close. 




In order to pick the right skateboard helmet, buyers need to consider several factors including size, style, adjustability, ventilation, maintenance, and CPSC compliance. However, size is said to be the most important factor according to the guide at SkateAdvisors


That factor determines how well the helmet can fit on your head and give you the proper protection. When buying a skateboard helmet, I usually check the size chart provided by the manufacturers after measuring my head so that I can get the best fit. In case you don't know how to measure the circumference of your head, I strongly recommend you take a look at the tutorials from pro riders. 


As I stated earlier, the straps need to be adjustable so pick a helmet with the capability of loosening or tightening the straps and they should be durable against impact and wear. A good helmet needs to satisfy the CPSC certification which is the standard for proper helmets. 


Finally, let’s consider the style of the product. Some skaters say that helmets make them look dumb as some products are quite bulky; therefore, it totally necessary to get a fashionable helmet. 


In case you are going to take a dark-color helmet, you may need to pay attention to the ventilation as the helmet is now non-reflective. Some people ignore the breathability of a product and they have to go through a hard time when riding under the sun. 




Choosing the proper helmet for skateboarding is not quite hard as many people can use a multi-sport helmet for both biking and skateboarding. As long as the product meets the requirements for helmets defined by the CPSC or other certifications, it will be good to go. 


The utmost criterion when choosing one should be comfortable as you don’t want to be annoyed by the helmet itself while enjoying your ride. If you have no experience in buying one, you may want to see some reviews beforehand. 


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