Buy the best skateboards for kids - Some things parents need to know

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Buy the best skateboards for kids - Some things parents need to know

Are your kids just starting to ask you about buying them a skateboard for the upcoming Christmas holiday? You wonder if you can buy a skateboard while you don't have any experience with skateboarding or skateboards. The answer is yes, but not everyone can choose a good and suitable board. 


So, before buying, please equip yourself with some basic knowledge about skateboards to be able to buy a really satisfactory set of wheels for your child. This article will give you all the information you need, so don't leave until you finish it.

Some basics about skateboards for kid beginners

Deck materials


In the past, wood was the leading material for making skateboards, but today, we see more and more skateboard decks made from other materials like plastic, fiberglass, or bamboo. No material is all good or all bad, each has strengths and weaknesses to meet different needs of human skateboarding. 

  1. Wood


There are 2 kinds of wood that have been used to make skateboard decks which are maple and birch wood. In which the maple is considered stronger and more resilient than the Birch. 


Wood decks are durable and flexible to stand on. However, a quality maple deck can be a little over-budgeted. If you want to buy the best skateboards for kids, make sure you double check the deck is truly maple, not other cheap woods.


  1. Plastic


Plastic is often used in the manufacture of penny boards, a type of skateboard that is small and light. This type of board is being loved by many people, especially young skaters, because of its compact features. Your child can easily hide it in their backpack or under the desk. 


And because it is small and lightweight, they can carry them effortlessly. While you may find some models more expensive than others, penny boards are generally cheaper than other skateboards. That could be because plastic is cheaper than wood and other materials. 

  1. Fiberglass


Fiberglass is a very good material as it can withstand extremes of weather and temperature. They are very durable, sturdy and flexible. In addition, one feature that makes it very suitable for children is its lightweight. However, because of these outstanding features, fiberglass decks are often quite expensive.

  1. Bamboo


Bamboo is used in many residential or interior projects because they are very environmentally friendly and durable. Because of the popularity of bamboo, bamboo decks are fine to make cheap but good skateboards . Bamboo decks are lightweight and flexible, so they are absolutely a perfect choice for skateboarding kids. 




Trucks are an important part that connects the deck and wheels together. There are many smaller parts in a truck including a baseplate, a hanger, and a kingpin. Most trucks are made from aluminum and steel. The size of the trucks is usually larger than the deck width to ensure the max stability. 


The baseplate and the hanger connect together through the bushing which is made from urethane or silicone and functions as a cushion to absorb shocks and reduce friction. The bushing comes in three kinds : soft, medium and hard. Soft bushings are good for turning; medium bushings are good for all-around skating conditions; and hard bushings are good for tricks and speed. For skateboarding kids, medium bushings are more suitable.



The size of the skateboard wheels do matter. For beginners who often skate at the skate parks, the safest option is below 53mm while all-around skaters should opt for the wheel size between 53mm and 59mm, and for those who love speed and rougher surfaces, 60mm wheels are the best choice. There are 70mm wheels but they are often used for longboards. 


The smaller round part found inside the wheels is called bearing. This part allows the wheel to rotate smoothly. Skateboard bearings are rated by the ABEC. With higher ABEC numbers, you can ride faster and smoother. ABEC 5 bearings are safe for your kid to ride. Lower numbers are lower quality and dangerous for young children, while higher ABEC rating can add up too much speed. 


You can check out SkateAdvisors for a list of the best skateboards for kids. 


Information of SkateAdvisors:


- Phone: (1) 646-707-4551

- Address: 902 Avenue C, Brooklyn, NY 11218, United States

The look of the board is entirely up to you and your teen. You should let the child participate in the process. Ask them for what they like or take them shopping with you to choose the graphic they like. That way, they will respect the board more when riding.


I hope this article meets your information needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Hope you and your kid have a great time skateboarding!

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